Archaeology and blockchain:
a social science data revolution?


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Kapu is a platform that aims to preserve the finds all around the world using the Blockchain technology! All of this will be possible by developing a decentralized global index that will be free for universities and ministries. A peculiarity that characterize this project is the Blockchain evolution through the latest innovations (ex. 3D's file of the artifact, 3D visors, etc...).

Our history

is our greatest asset that we need to preserve for both current and future generations

The Capua coins (that mean KAPU in the oscus alphabet) were forged during the Second Punic War (218 BC) in one of the few cities in the Italian peninsula that decided to ally with Hannibal to fight against the Roman Empire.
To achieve this, Capua broke relations with Rome and, in order to finance its expenses, forged and spread its coins around the cities of Atella and Galatia. The majority of the coins were minted in bronze and represented a similar value to those circulated by Rome (Rutter et al, 2001: p. 9). Archaeologically, it is known that Capua certainly minted a silver coin called the Didramma (Sambon 1021; HN Italy 480) and possibly a golden coin called the dracma aurea (HN Italy 479, SNG ANS 145; Rutter et al, 2001: p. 64).
The coin on the left represents the reverse of an oncia with a board running to the right. The value (a “tortello”) is indicated by the dot that can be found at the top of the coin, whilst the inscription “Kapu" on the bottom indicates the mint. (catalogue: HN Italy 506, Sambon 1043). Reference: Rutter et al. (2001). Historia Numorum - Italy. London, p. 9.


The KAPU project

Our aims to make immutable the human history through the creation of the first world archaeological blockchain of the modern era and also aims to enhance it thanks to today’s technology (multimedia, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc.).

15 June - 16 September End of Pre-Sale
16 September - 16 October End of TEC
21 October MainNET Launch
Development of the archaeological blockchain
and catalogue of the finds

Our Work

Historically speaking, it might be unsuitable but we could say that the first BlockChain of the world was born in Capua and it’s from this teaching that we can be inspired in order to preserve our history

In the case of the Archealogical blockchain, the technique of data notarization aims to exploit the security principles and immutability provided natively by the public blockchain to purpose to respond more effectively to the regulations required in Europe, North America and South America.

Unlike above, the intrinsic logic of blockchain with the opentimestamps, can guarantee independence from any third part provider, as well as a higher level of security.


Our TEAM has observed that the approach of traditional notary services are based on trust in the counterparts and go through iter and complex process that involve both risks and high costs.

The most important changes are happening right in the legal notary activity, a sector intended to be subject to a radical rethinking and of a substantial revision.


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Our Archaeological Blockchain

aims to give new life to the sector OF THE ARCHEOLOGY proposing a valid tool that would allow a natural evolution in qualitative terms.

It is not about visionary ideas, but about a technological process of which we are already part, which is constantly evolving and is trying to give answers today to questions that will be asked tomorrow, in respect for a necessary balance of interests. This is just the beginning of the story! Now it is up to you to decide whether to enter as an actor to write the sequel, or stop as a spectator to look at the others who are going out to the future.


Provides a more decentralized voting system than other DPoS consensus models.


The KAPU DPOS based system is essential, safe and also compatible with energy saving


The blockchain is a distributed database that allows anyone to add information following presetted and approved rules


The innovative revolution and conceptual in the archaelogical sector, will be allowed thanks to the development of a universal decentralized index which will be free for University and Ministry


Such information sharing mode will ensure a concrete support to those professional user that operates in the archaelogical world


The most important changes are happening right in the legal notary activity, a sector intended to be subject to a radical rethinking and of a substantial revision

Our Team

Many of this people already work in the DPOS world and are renowned in the LISK, ARK and SHIFT community.Some DEVs actively collaborate participating at KAPU’s mission, sharing finality and dedicating their own professionalism to the development. In this moment our Team consists predominantly of people who are gravitating within the Italian Community but the Team is open to new partnership with people from different countries as well.


Martino Merola


Martino is an entrepreneur, iOS developer with a deeply knowledge in Web design and 3D graphic design for over than 20 years.Since 2010 he developed several iOS applications like iMozzarella, iPizzaedintorni, iCornicello with great success..

Giorgio Isola

Art Director

Giorgio is the graphic designer, hardware and software and had experience with cryptocurrencies and system engineer on Linux, Windows, Mac, AS400. Developer on HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, AJAX, Python, PHP, MySQL.


Lars Rensing

ARK Escrow

Lars Rensing Head of Finance Lars, is the head of Arks financial department with background in the construction management, where he was cost estimator

Mike Doty

Ark Sponsor

Mike sees digital currencies as a means to promote a fair, decentralized economy dates back to the late 90s. Blockchain technology enables networks which are owned by and controlled by the users.


Eleonora Gandolfi

Archaeology Advisor

Eleonora is a computing archaeologist currently based in the UK. After completing her BA in "Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology" at the University of Bologna, she moved to England to start an MSc in Computing Archaeology at the University of Southampton.

Holger Hahn

Economic Advisor

Holger is a tax and business advisor with focus on blockchain entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency investors. He has broad experience in advising multinational groups and is passionate about blockchain technology. Member of the ARK Magnificent 7 (Sidzero)

Giovanni Silvestri


Giovanni is a computer enginner with experience in the financial and insurance sector and became interest in crypto tecnologies in the late 2012

Grant Cox

Archaeology Advisor

For the last 7 years Grant has been creating 3D graphics throughout a portfolio of projects that include both still and animated CGI. Primarily working from within the heritage sphere, Grant has collaborated on high profile projects in both the UK and internationally in Italy, Bermuda, the UAE and Egypt.

Alessandro Tozzi

Start-up Advisor

Alessandro is the Technology Transfer Director for Boston Entrepreneurship Center, as well as an entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, and project manager.

Luigi Piccirillo


Luigi is an android and iOS freelance developer, extensive knowledge of software and web development and in particular of these languages: PHP, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, C++, VB.NET, HTML, Perl, jQuery, AJAX, MySQL, Python.

Stefano Prosdocimo

Super Advisor

He's a computer technician with an experience of more than 30 years. Stefano entered in the crypto world three years ago when he started mining POW cryptocurrencies and forging on DPOS projects.

Giannecchini Marco

Seed Node

Marco has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2014 and has participated in several projects as investor as well as miner and now he's particularly active as forger in the DPOS ecosystem.


Mirko Varze

DEV/ Advisor 3d

He's a technology, linux and open source enthusiast that suggests the free software as a technical standard for a market that's subjected to network effects.

Ali Shaikh

Community Manager North America

I graduated with a BA in Computer Science, major in Software/Network engineering and I am currently working for Delphi Systems as a Software Integrator/Database Admin. I have been a crypto enthusiast since 2014 starting off with mining Bitcoins and then later on moving to investing in projects such as ARK, LISK OXY, RISE, and KAPU..


Advisor Network / Security

Gregorst entered in the cryptocurrency world 2 years ago and studied the cryptocurrencies' mining field and after that he joined in different dpos communities.


Paulo Murineddu

Community Advisor

Paulo is a physics student, coordinator, advisor and Kapu founder, joined the criptocurrency world in 2014.He has interests ranging from science to economy and design, his goal is to bring the blockchain to an universal usability

Remo Bonfante

Advisor Exchanger

Alessandro Sartori


Alessandro is an IT engineer student and web developer that's living in northern Italy. His adventures in the crypto world began 3 years ago while started trading, mining and more recently forging and investing.


Pool / Advisor Comnmunity

Wariner has 32 years old, a strong cultural background in hardware and software and had experience with cryptocurrencies for a long time. He mined in solo his first bitcoin block in 2011.


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